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A.D.D. CONSULTANTS is an independent and multidisciplinary consulting firm currently maintaining over 30 qualified resident employees fully licensed to cater for the following services:

Architectural Design & Supervision
Interior Architecture Design
Project Management & Lead Consultant
Civil & Structural Design & Supervision

With a simple, yet effective, management structure, one principal, the most qualified and experienced in the field, is allocated to be in charge of each department.

At the commencement of a novel project, a chief is nominated, responsible for ensuring the quality and performance of the assignment. 

A senior staff member is then appointed "Project Manager", responsible for running the day to day works of the assigned project. Project Managers serve as a liaison between the client and the design team for constant certainty that project deadlines and parameters are, no less than, met.

In addition to the chiefs and staff members, A.D.D. CONSULTANTS is actively supported by an expanding panel of CAD draftsmen and an administrative team, all of which are led by the Office Manager.

Through this approach, we have never failed to provide our new and returning clients clear points of contact and the utmost form of quality control.


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